Manufacturer: Jim Dunlop
President: Jimmy Dunlop
Creative Director: Joey Tosi
Art Director: Graham Shaw
Senior Designer: Justin Butler
Design/Illustration: ILOVEDUST
Production Artist: Savanna Eli
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Photographers: Mick Waller, Fred Andres, Justin Butler
Location: Bencia, USA
Packaging Contents: Electronic Effects, Guitar Straps + Guitar Picks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Corrugated Kraft
Printing Process: Flexography

In Spring of 2018, California-based music accessories company, Jim Dunlop, and UK-based design firm, ILOVEDUST, launched their first product collaboration. The collab came about in a very casual, organic way- ILOVEDUST had been coming up in the Dunlop Design Department's inspirations for a while, so they decided to email them and see if they were interested in developing some guitar gear. They said "hell yes."

Over the next few months, ILOVEDUST worked closely with Dunlop to create artwork for a capsule of products: two stoney electronic effect pedals, six guitar straps and twelve guitar picks. With their mystical, ritualistic symbolism and loud, clashing colors in fluorescent inks, they come to life under black light, vibrating like mini black light posters. Guitar players have been snatching up the ILOVEDUST x DUNLOP stuff like crazy, and the collaboration continues- look for more cobranded gear in early 2019.

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