Designed by Bakerscape, Sweden.

Naturelle is a body care brand in Sweden that was in need of a lift. The design goals were two: first to modernize the design while still utilizing the Naturelle flower that had become an integral part of all brand communications and second, to create a clear differentiation within the product range.

The products were divided into shower gels and lotions, as well as shampoo and conditioner. Bakerscape used an eye-catching colour palette, yet took advantage of the new pearlescent plastic material by using a raster to pull the pearl effects through the bright colours. The two complementing products used a new flower pattern in a yin-yang manner, to strengthen the pairs and make them more attractive in your bathroom. Bakerscape also created a new logotype with simpler forms in an eggplant colour and created new copy for the products.

The new packaging was released in the beginning of summer 2013.

via Packaging of the World