Design agency: Character
Client: Voyageur du Temps
Manufactured by Uneka
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: USA

Located in Los Altos, California, Voyageur du Temps is a bakery and cafe serving hand-crafted, artisan goods. Voyageur du Temps, which translates to time traveler in French, was the vision of owner and local resident, Rie Rubin.

As the name suggests, Rie’s goal was to preserve the timeless values of craftsmanship by bringing a renewed spirit to time-honored baking methods. Character designed and produced all branding elements of the cafe experience.

Inspired by the Roman numeral five on a clock at a French train station, Character devised a logo that both represented the name of the cafe while referencing tradition. This reference also acknowledged the history of the café’s location — as an old Los Altos train station.

Character extended the design language across all media, including website and in-store brand experience. Branded elements included signage, uniforms and product packaging, for which Character created custom illustrations.

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