Creative Agency: DanCo Decor Company
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Mogutni Karpaty
Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Materials: Glass

Not long ago we have finished work on the interesting project – the range of the decorated bottles TN «Mogutni Karpaty» (The mighty Carpathians). The new product differs by pithiness and irreproachable style. However, behind seeming simplicity of decor, an attentive viewer (or, rather, buyer) discovers not a few references to Ukranian history and symbolism.

For example, on each bottle you can see the octagonal star (or Ruzha (Rose) in Zakarpattia), printed by the silk-screen printing with ultraviolet curable paints. This ancient symbol is the symbol of the sun and life. It symbolizes the connection of male and female principles. That’s why you can often meet with Ruzha on wedding rushnyk.

Three of the four bottles are painted with the use of electrostatic spraying in colors, whose importance is especially big in Ukrainian symbolism.

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