Creative Agency: DanCo Decor Company
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Lvoff
Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Materials: Glass

Our company continues to surprise and please the amateurs of upmarket drinks. The very design, as a powerful marketing tool, makes the visitor fix eyes on the new interesting object. Same as Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein, who attract customers by unusual and extravagant design solutions, the modest decorators of glass, embodying the new project, try to make it bright and interesting, to emphasize its uniqueness and quality, delighting the eye by contemplation of external look of the bottle, and then securing the opinion by its inner content.

The new bottle «Lvoff» recalls a gentleman from Wall–Street, getting ready to the ball. Wearing an expensive suit, this gentleman unwittingly attracts the overall attention by a good sense of elegance and style, so typical for an educated and sophisticated person. So, having made the promenade facile, this "gentleman" gets to the shop shelve, where it stends out among other things due to its expensive suit.

To create the "dress-suit" of the bottle «Lvoff», Danko Decor company has used the modern technologies of applying elements of the decor, which allowed to turn the layout into reality. In particular, the method of applying the paint on the bottle (coating), printing method with the UV – curable inks and the hot stamping method were used. The skillful combination of these methods was instrumental in creation of an original design and emphasizing the premiality of the new vodka

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