Design agency: Next Advertising
Designer: Teodor Zugravu
Client: Murfatlar
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Romania

Drawing substance and style from the area whence it originated, Charme De La Mer aims to elate the senses, delight and surprise the most exquisite of palates.

The wine itself is made from locally-grown grapes in the region of Murfatlar, Romania. Close to the coolness of the sea, warmed by the setting sun, Murfatlar was blessed with an almost-magical soil, producing some of the finest wines in Romania. But its very essence, its unmatched appeal had not been fully taken advantage of before the creation of Charme De La Mer, the enchanted gift of the sea.

Envisioned by the talented Murfatlar winemakers, Charme De La Mer aims to entrap the aroma and coolness of the breeze that rocks the vineyard, the fine touch of the sand that encompasses it and the restlessness of the sea that washes its vicinity.

The packaging's design was, therefore, dealt a difficult hand – capture the beauty and style of the wine without being overly descriptive or pompous. Let it shine through. Allow its charms to unfold. After many weeks of hard work, we arrived at the best coupage of form and meaning – the synecdoche. The fine, solar silicates on which the vines grow and the artisanal approach behind the inception of the wine became the central motifs of the bottle's design. A splash of golden sand was to be complemented by hand-crafted type and copy, resulting in the refined beauty you see before your eyes.

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