Design agency: Next Advertising
Designer: Cristian Baciu
Client: Murfatlar
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Romania

The Murfatlar winery is located in the South-Eastern part of Romania, right between the Danube river and the Black sea. For over 100 years, it proudly continues the inherited tradition of producing great wines.

Alongside the mass market brands, Murfatlar also owns a smaller wine cellar, M1 crama atelier, specialized in producing top wines. Fatum is one of these wines, a Pinot Noir rose that was launched in 2009, in a limited edition. Right from the start, Fatum had a very special story to tell, which mixed art and wine altogether. Every year, a Romanian artist was selected to design the label and capture its vision on destiny. Because “fatum” is the Latin word for fate, a theme which was explored in the wine’s label by talented photographers, fashion designers or visual artists.
For the 2014 edition, a young student at graphic design was chosen to create the label. Cristian Baciu’s interpretation on “fatum” is a puzzle that comprises many hidden symbols: an inverted eye, an hour glass or roads that lead to different directions. It’s a fresh approach for a premium wine label, with colorful and geometrical elements rooted in the street art culture. They are also mixed with carefully placed transparencies, in order to highlight the beautiful color of the wine.

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