Creative Agency: OTVETDESIGN
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: St.Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Golden brown baked chicken

Golden brown baked chicken in vacuum pack.

Brand and packaging design development for baked chicken.

Conceptually new product in the market with no analogs available in Russia. As healthy as a boiled one; as tasty as a roasted one and as golden as a grilled one – this chicken should have created a new niche. The main problem was, indeed, the strength of the product – its unique nature. Packaging on its own should have come up with specifics and benefits of the product as the budget did not cover any additional communication.

Clearly and intelligibly transmit an idea of the unique cooking technology. At first chicken is baked in its own juice and then is put into infrared high-temperature behavior tunnel – this provides golden brown. Tune away of the mass-market grilled chicken – it has way too negative image of down-market good.

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