Designed by Robot Food, United Kingdom.

Beanies The Flavour Co. has launched a range of flavour coffee exclusively for Sainsbury’s, with a new design created by specialist branding partner Robot Food. The creative team worked in close collaboration with Sainsbury’s to deliver exactly what it felt was missing from the shelves. Beanies’ commitment to satisfy the retailer was rewarded in volume orders, which are hitting the shelves by mid July.

The range includes three instant flavours and three roast ground flavours. Flavours include Amaretto, Irish Cream, Cinder Toffee and Very Vanilla.

Julia Allan, Senior Designer at Robot Food, commented: “It’s great to work closely with such an innovative company and the input from Sainsbury’s has been invaluable.”

Beanies have been producing flavour coffee since 2009 and the introduction of these lines across the major percentage of Sainsbury’s stores, is a significant development for the company.

“Managing Director at Beanies, John Evans stated: “We regard ourselves as product and process leaders in this field, not only in the UK but across Europe. This huge commitment from a perfect retail partner will encourage our growth and we’re investing a great deal in to new flavours, technology and developing new product ranges over the next 12 months.”

via Packaging of the World