Design agency: MAISON D’IDEE
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: Czech Republic/ Slovakia

The assignment from the client for honey packaging seemed contradictory at first. The client wanted to express honey as a traditional part of the family, underlining the joy of people in their youth enjoying the true taste of sweetness; yet, on the other hand, the assignment required us to distinguish the packaging from the sea of old-fashioned designs of honey jars. We had to come up with a solution that would express tradition in a modern way. First and foremost, we approached the assignment through an examination of modern trends. We decided on using minimalistic black element, very simple and attracting at the same time. We also found out that there is a growing community of consumers that demand old, traditional products to come back to life, so we knew we are on the right track to attracting the consumers. Next thing we had to solve was the expression of some tradition lost in childhood. We came up with an idea of using illustrations evoking a childhood story, nothing in particular, just a reminder to help the consumer recall the sweet moments back in time. This way we help the client attract both kids to whom we want to introduce the product and parents who are usually the purchasers of such a product. The final solution is a simple, modern packaging presented in four different illustrations, but always the same modern black element accompanied by print and online designs.

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