Designer: Warinporn Bussayajirapong
Type Of Work: Student Project
Country: Australia

‘Khaohom’ which in Thai, meaning fragrant rice. This project was actually inspired by my home country and the produce we do.

Today’s rice packaging are designed only for the conveniece of the consumers, or designed to look ‘nice’. If we look through the rice aisle, Plastic is everywhere, it’s cheap to produce, easy to find but it stays with us forever, which means it takes over 100+ years to decompose. Using the traditional practices in Thailand, I searched on some facts and that some bamboos are actually used to cook certain food back in the days. I applied that idea to create a sticky rice packaging that can be reused to cook and store straight in the rice cooker. This type of bamboo also keeps in heat to ensure the sticky rice is served warm for the whole entire day. Now consumers do not need to worry about cooking sticky rice anymore, using this bamboo packaging always cook the perfect sticky rice anywhere and anytime. It is designed to fit in any regular sized rice cookers.

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