Creative agency: Svoe Mnenie
Creative Director: Andrey Kugaevskikh
Art Director: Masha Solyankina
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Russia

Art of Socks is a shop in Russia that sells creative colourful socks. Now they have enlarged their portfolio with special line of socks that contain antibacterial silver yarn. This ensures the absence of smell even in times of high sports activity, heat or long wearing.

Art of Socks is known for its creative socks. Its customers are usually people who prefer unusual things that would make them stand out. The line first included only simple sole-coloured socks and later multicoloured socks with patterns as well. However, simple sole-coloured socks didn’t quite fit this image. The package needed to be creative, provocative and inviting to try them on.

Svoe Mnenie chose the design concept of the periodic table and the corresponding brand name – Ag which is an abbreviation from Argentum (silver). The packaging design we created is a stylish version of the chemical element. We also made a cut-out for nose in the “A” letter. The concept is built on the contradiction: it looks scientific but communicates a silly idea to smell the socks that have no smell. To give the company’s “art” image to the“grey” line of socks we proposed bright multicoloured gradient package.

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