Agency: Alma
Designer: Juan Alvarado, Alejandro Ribadeneria, Nathalia Garcia
Client: Café Piedra Negra
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Ecuador

"Piedra Negra" is a brand of organic arabica coffee from Ecuador. The branding and design agency Alma, based in Quito, created the brand strategy, graphic design and illustration of coffee bags, drawing its inspiration from the mystical Middle East and the world of travel. With "Stories to Share" as a call to action, Black Stone design rethinks the universal paradigm of coffee as an excuse to bring people together over a cup of coffee.

"Piedra Negra" Coffee comes from the best Arabica coffee plantations in the country. The specific conditions for growing coffee plants, special care in selecting the right beans and processing them ensure perfect quality of the coffee.

The design of the coffee bags out for the detailed illustration (shown in both packages in black and white), is a resource for design that seduces the amount of detail that catches the eye for the complexities of the line of work and explosions of color. The drawing of the "stylized wing" which also appears on the packaging refers to the wide variety of butterflies that inhabit the coffee growing areas and are a living heritage of Ecuador and Latin America.

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