Designer: In-young Bae
Location: NY, USA

Indoor gardening tools and seeds set packaging

SHIZEN is new style of indoor gardening system inspired by the principle of Japanese gardens, which is “Creating miniature idealized landscapes. ”The product includes 5 types of herbs seeds (Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Thyme and Basil), 5 tools (Pruner, Snips, Rake, Trowel and Shovel), 2 types of soil (Sand and Clay) and Hinoki wood plant pot panels, which allow consumer to make customized plant pots.

SHIZEN urban gardening set has a unique packaging form to include all products at once for consumers. While opening the packaging consumers can see the blooming image presents by the packaging and each individual smaller pack also creates flower or plants shapes on the top when they are combined. This modular system allows the packaging design includes all products in a effective and unique way, and provides a wonderful visual experience for consumers. The graphic and branding is base on the basic principles of Japanese garden, which are Miniaturization, Concealment and "Borrowed" Scenery from nature. The logo and graphic elements on packaging are derived from the sand drawing image of Japanese traditional garden. All illustrations are hand-drawn.

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