Creative Agency: Fida Kuchukbaeva
Project Type: Student Project
School: HSE Art and Design School
Course: 2
Tutor: Pavel Borisovsky
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Body care products
Packaging Materials: Plastic, paper

Flip-Flop is body care products for children 1-5 years old. The line of products is represented by a shampoo, a bath foam, a body lotion, a shower gel and a conditioner for hair.

The concept of these products is based on the idea of combining body care products and toys. This project become a reflection of eco-friendly packaging and care for children. As a result, unique shape of Flip-Flop body care products intended for use both for main purpose and for game as a constructor. There is no need to recycle Flip-Flop's packaging because it can be used as a toy during having a bath and even outside the bathroom.

Every bottle for product has connecting parts(caps)for connecting to other bottles. Flip-Flop's kit includes additional parts for connecting and a map for the game with an instruction. The world of Flip-Flop is a funny journey with sea adventures and unique creatures, where children by means of imagination create their own amazing world for games.

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