Creative Agency: Fabula Branding
Client: Lidkon OJCS
Location: Belarus
Project Type: Commercial Work

Fabula Branding performed integrated trademark development (naming, slogan, logotype, package design) for Lidkon OJCS.

The basis of the concept is a well-known story of an English navy sailor, explorer, cartographer, and discoverer James Cook.

Antique maps, imaginary islands, fantasy characters and fables make the package attractive for the primary target audience – young people.

Amusing details and characters, funny slang-like phrases that may further become memes among youngsters constitute a complete picture. Such an approach prolongs visual contact with the package, thus enhancing general communication impact.

The technical information is integrated with overall design keeping up with fun characteristic of the whole package. Each unit required by the State Standard (GOST) is graphically presented as a block which a consumer associates with the whole information flow.

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