Designed by Anthony Bayoneto, United States.

The challenge for this project was to design a package capable of protecting two eggs when thrown against a wall. However, this aspect of the packaging was not allowed to be marketed.

2RGANIC Eggs are organic and come from free-range chickens. They are produced in limited batches and come locally from a farm in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. This local aspect of the eggs is reflected in the handwritten typography on the package. The three triangular components of the interior serve as the main protectors of the eggs. The fringed sides allow the cardboard to expand for eggs to be inserted while the x-shaped vents allow movement for the eggs upon impact, thereby reducing the force applied to the eggs when thrown against a wall. The middle triangular piece serves to prevent the eggs from crashing into each other.

By having the inner components intersect in opposing directions, the force from the impact of making contact with a wall is spread throughout the package and in effect reduces the amount experienced by the eggs. Black tape allows for easy removal of the eggs from their protective packaging and also serves as a geometric secondary branding element along with the black triangle. The juxtaposition of the seemingly futuristic package design for eggs with handwritten type and recyclable cardboard creates an interesting dynamic.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery