Designed by Anthony Bayoneto, United States.

FRESH GRINDS is a set of three seasonings: Italian, Lemon Pepper, and Spicy Garlic. They are the perfect touch to add to a dish when you want that extra kick!

The shape of the package was inspired by garlic, which is included in all three seasonings and is a common ingredient in many dishes. The geometric silhouette inspired by it lends to a modern design that incorporates functionality. Each grinder mill is color-coded based on their main ingredients for easy recognition when stored within the package. The diagonal line created by the package opening serves as a secondary branding element used on each grinder mill label.

In an age of environmentally conscious design, I aimed to create a visually appealing package that would separate itself from similar brands and also be something customers would be inclined to keep.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery