Designed by Studio 56B, United Kingdom.

This hair care product line was one of the concepts designed for startup brand ‘Profumo’. In order to successfully communicate their products unique selling point of a long lasting nature themed scent, we aimed to visualize the fresh smell of flowers in a garden. Therefore we took inspiration for the natural vibrancy of the Kew gardens in London during the spring season when the freshest scents can be experienced most thoroughly. We photographed the natural formation of flowers and then enhanced their vividness as to create a visually energetic range of graphics, suitable for application on an aesthetically desirable packaging. Our goal was to enable the users to experience the euphoric smell of fresh nature through their eyes.

One particular photograph visualized a theme that most closely communicated our ambition and has been used to cover four of their products. It can be applied to a variety of formats regardless of shape and graphical representation.

We try to keep our mind open to the conceptual, while maintaining a healthy respect for the feasible, gaining inspiration from natural emotions to convey a message that is most relevant to the ‘real’ human users. We are motivated by impressions and feelings from various senses and strive to convert them into a visually representative outcome that is understood by a universal audience. More of our work can be found on our website.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery