Designer: M. Pach
Client: Bärbel Drexel
Location: Munich/Germany
Project Type: Commercial Work

The name ASTAXANTHIN holds a secret: the magical power from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. The rare microalgae "Haematococcus pluvialis" lends the pure and natural cosmetic line by BÄRBEL DREXEL its special anti-aging effect. When designing the product packaging the DieterBakicDesign team therefore used elements from the underwater world to logically develop and underline the brand design.

Astaxanthin is one of the strongest antioxidants known in the world, a true organic power substance. Its natural colour is not only found in the products, lending them a light touch of red, but also in the deep shiny red of the packaging. The coating for the primary packaging was developed specifically for the customer, to convey the right balance between a strong, powerful red and the cool of the deep oceans. It's pure energy.

At the same time, the densely pigmented coating creates the necessary conditions to protect the light-sensitive natural product. Its maritime origins are symbolised by a discreet, hand-drawn illustration of an underwater world in the background. A logo embossed in silver foil and a raised scene with fish and algae taken from the background design lend this line a cosmetic, noble air, and support its premium positioning. Just like a rare treasure from the sea.

The elegant organic primary packaging, consisting of slightly convex surfaces, implemented by DieterBakicEnterprises, also speaks for itself. Like a leaf in motion, dancing on the surface of the water, it carries the nature theme on into the third dimension. Thus DieterBakicDesign has created a holistic brand and product experience for Bärbel Drexel GmbH with the help of packaging.

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