Creative Agency: Fabula Branding
Client: Turprodplus
Location: Minsk, Belarus
Project Type: Commercial Work

Mom is a person who will always perceive us as kids no matter how old we are or how high on the career ladder we climb. It is her care, warmth, and endless love that are reflected in a new trademark Thank you, Mom! developed by Fabula Branding for Turprodplus.

We do believe in soulful design and that featureless and cold naming is the irrevocable yesterday. Today, active and lively communication with the consumer comes to the fore: the package is used not just for selling, but for interaction on the language which is close and clear to everybody.

An individual variant of the slogan is provided for each product. It is based on the expression of gratitude to mom not only from her child, but from a group of people who got united by her food: “Thank you, Mom, from all the team!”, “Thank you, Mom, from all the housewives!”, etc.

The slogan is built on the distribution of the product line according to different situations of consumption, and therefore on various graphic design options made in one style.

Each product type is associated with a peculiar character depicted in easy and slightly comic manner: a red bearded geologist in winter overcoat, a merry housewife wearing polka-dot dress.

In general, the design concept makes the trademark outstanding among the competitors and is of high potential for further development and expansion of the product line.

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