Creative Agency: Backbone Branding Studio
Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Project Type: Commercial Work

Louis Charden – a brand with no roots that all of a sudden could built an engaging history.

We were given to create an appealing for a new café and bakery, where everyone can feel the breath of French cafés.

What comes to your mind when you think of a bakery? Home, family, a fest, childhood or maybe a tempting aroma of your mother’s cakes? The concept of scent-driven memories led the entire branding process.

French origin insinuation was first of all solved through the naming. We developed a brand character-Louis Charden, the founder of the bakery and created a brand story. The identity was based on unique illustrations, unfolding different life events of the brand character- childish amusements, first love, his steps in the confectionery industry. Today Louis Charden café and bakery that placed in Yerevan creates the warm atmosphere that naturally makes the visitors a part of brand character life, transferring them into a completely different emotional dimension.

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