Designer: Corinne Alexandra
Location: San Diego, CA, USA

The objective of this project was to rebrand and repackage healthy food options to make them more appealing. Some nutritionists recommend eating five small meals a day to aid in weight loss and curb overeating. Trail mixes are perfect for filling those in-between meals with healthy snacking, but most brands either offer unhealthy serving sizes or the packaging design just isn't attractive enough to encourage people a purchase. I developed a company concept that offers healthy snacking alternatives in small recommended-serving-size resealable pouches to make it easy to continue grazing throughout the day while on the go. Each bag features a hand-drawn pattern of the fruits and nuts in each mix. The colors are bright and playful, but also natural to the fruits to emphasize the organic quality of the snacks. The package is completed with a tiny informational brochure that offers tips for eating five small meals a day, dividing calories, and making a meal plan.

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