Designer: Kush Dave
Project Type: Student Project
Course: Branding – Packaging – Merchandising
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Bottle, Cloth

The project is a journey of creating a brand inspired from the hippy culture and travel. Our story is about blending culture and pure ingredients from it’s native source to bring the best of all world in one package. The brand is made for people who love to travel and are fascinated by the hippy way of living.

We follow the idea of using what is naturally provided to us. As passionate travelers, we move from one place to another in search of pure ingredients beneficial for hair. Many people say that ‘travelling helps you grow’. One of the major things that we realized during our travel is that locals have the best knowledge about native plants because it is a part of their daily life.

This journey starts from Costa Rica, where coconut milk is used to make the first product – SHAMPOO. Next stop is Morocco, where argan oil is used to make the second product – BEARD OIL. And finally we reach Australia, where aloe vera is used to make CONDITIONER. The shape of the packaging is inspired from the different stones of the world to give a raw, unique and hippy look & feel.

The point of sale for the products has also been determined. i.e. Volkswagen kombi t1 (modified) also known as the hippy van. A unique purchase and pay system has also been developed to provide smooth user experience.

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