Designer: Yeonjin Park
Project Type: Student Project
School: Seoul National University
Location: Seoul, Korea, Republic of

"Why isn't there any well-designed sex education contents for grown-ups?"

Pibu[pee-bu, means skin in korean] is a campaign project that deals with skin to skin contact, namely sexual activity. This started from the issue that educational sexual knowledge has not been sufficiently available to adults, in comparison to teenagers or kids. Therefore the subject of Pibu are grown-ups. Pibu's small boxes contain selected knowledge about sex, aiming to help grown-ups explore and love their own body much more.

The most important factors that I took into account while making Pibu were thoroughness, metaphor of design and portability. The early design consisted of abstract patterns in primary colors. However, my main goal of Pibu was it becoming a casual product that a user can put it near one’s bed or desk, thus the entire graphic concept had to be changed. To start with, I thought users might feel uncomfortable with sexual content itself. To lessen the uneasiness, I designed the graphic elements in the package as metaphorically as possible. Also, Pibu and its booklets had to be handheld for average women, so users can enjoy them privately.

Three-Layered Package
The contents of Pibu is divided into three stages – introduction, practice and application. The package took form of a drawer to include these three contents in separate layers. Also the order of these contents are important to understand the intention of this product. The top layer is attached with a string to guide the user look at layers sequentially.

Top Floor
Top floor is consisted of three books(Book1,2 and 3) and a puzzle, shows South Korea have stigmatised woman's masturbation and how we should perceive it in this society. Also lets us have time to observe our body delicately by putting the puzzle together.

Middle Floor
Middle floor is consisted of a women's masturbation guide book(Book4) written on a methodology to masturbate in detail with hygienic goods that helps one get into practice right away. The goods include a sanitizer, a woman-friendly lubricant and finger condoms.

Bottom Floor
Bottom floor includes content exploring oneself's body much deeper. Book5 is about various masturbation methodology from touching other parts of the body to playing with sex toys. In addition detailed information of each toys and hygienic goods are included.

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