Designer: Tommaso Di Gregorio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: You Fresh Naturals
Location: Miami, USA
Packaging Contents: Popcorn
Packaging Materials: Standup Pouch

Standup packaging design for our newest product, Pro Popped. Pro Popped is high protein kettle corn which will come in 4 flavors.

For the look of the design I described to our designer, Tomasso, that we wanted something modern/clean/natural, but also be bold enough to showcase the added protein to the product. The use of projected fonts on the words Pro Popped, the white crisp background & lightly shaded bursting beams, the scattered popped popcorn throughout the bag, and the 20g of Protein per bag call to action truly tell the story of the product perfectly. We are very happy with this design and will use this style across all our other products in the coming future.

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