Creative Agency: Safari Sundays
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Baby care products
Location: New York, USA

Safari Sundays has redesigned Brica, including design strategy, tone of voice, messaging and brand story, logo and packaging design.

As a leader in kids travel accessories, with a world of award winning patents and a commitment to stylish, savvy parents, Brica should easily cut through the crowd. Yet in an increasingly crowded category, the brand’s gentle design and functional communication style was not doing it justice.

Georgia Levison, Chief Strategy Officer says ‘Brica is a down to earth, thoughtful brand, who are with parents for the journey, good and bad. They go to inspiring lengths to make sure that children are not only safe but learn, develop and enjoy the experience – but none of this was reflected in their previous design.’

The re-design began with the Brica owl. Previously a static icon of trust, Safari Sundays gave him life, character and movement so that he could become a purposeful guide across product features around the pack and as a friend for the kids to love.

For the packaging, Safari Sundays were inspired by their favorite children’s storybooks and the visual language of travel narratives, transforming the entire pack into an engaging storyboard that seamlessly brought together the facts and fun.

‘We used polaroid frames to tell functional stories and a textured, lush world of rolling hills with varying types of travel to bring the emotional potential of family journeys to the forefront,’ says Stefanie Stretch, Senior Designer, ‘working with a brand whose core equity was green was a gift as it’s the perfect color to evoke passing landscape and the exciting idea of adventure.’

Vice President and Creative Director of Brand Design, Diana Barnes adds, ‘Brica is the number one, most loved, travel accessories brand for babies and toddlers. About a year ago, we recognized that the packaging design could use a little love of its own. We started by redefining the Brica tone and voice which gave us the framework to begin our design process. We chose Safari Sundays to partner with us to more closely align to appeal to the aesthetics of the millennial parents. We had a seamless journey with Safari Sundays on every phase of the rebrand. They are wonderful listeners. They challenged us when we needed it. They never lost their cool…and they are all UBER cool people.’

From pack to pack Brica’s family stories unfold in a landscape filled with tips for your trips and imagination, yet they are grounded with a deeply considered messaging hierarchy and a witty, parent to parent tone of voice that reassures, makes you laugh and inspires all at the same time.

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