Creative Agency: Amore
Location: Sweden
Type of work: Commercial work

We have had the pleasure of working with Lithells, a time-honored sausage-maker from the small town of Sköllersta in Sweden, to reposition and redesign the brand. From the beginning, we decided with the client that the key was to create a strong, unique and relevant brand property to unite the different product groups, while enabling variation between them. Enter, the Apron. An age-old symbol of culinary craftsmanship, knowledge and pride. An easily recognizable and iconic shape that works as a label and placeholder for key information on all packaging. And a design element that is highly relevant to the sausage world and easily applied in all forms of communication. With a warm and friendly tone of voice, providing exciting ideas for sausage preparation, Lithells is on its way to becoming the most inspiring sausage brand on the shelf.

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