Designer: kissmiklos
Location: Hungary

Heineken animation and bottle design for the Trafiq Bar & Club

To the Trafiq interior I created my design on a way that we could hide the ads of sponsors among the decoration elements. The ads always keep the style of Trafiq, they assimilate into the graphic design of the club.

I was asked by Heineken to design an animation that we could hide between the pictures on the wall in a room upstairs. That's why my animation starts with a typo which looks just like the other pictures on the wall so you can't recognize that it is an advertisement. I made it with the official lettering of Heineken. After a minute the illustration is starting to move and with a zoom we get a Heineken bottle consists of sarmentums. And after that we get back to the original text.

It is funny and special that among the other images one of them gets move sometimes. Howewer it is not an animation definitely rather a static picture which is moving, but I know it seems antinomic.

Afterwards I made the design of the bottle based on my illustration giving opportunity to realise a limited edition of bottle to sell.

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