Designer(s): Antti Ojala, Ville MerisaloAugust Salo
Competition: Stora Enso Recreate Packaging competition entry, 2nd prize
Location: Finland
Project Type: Concept

A complete shaving kit for the light weight traveller. The kit contains face wash, shaving gel, aftershave and razor. The secondary packaging is not only compact and protective, but also acts as a tray for an organized and pleasurable experience. The kit is designed for a weeklong trip (7 days). So the customer does not have to open the kit before reaching destination or carry extra portions.

Jurys comments: "The shape is modern, economical and user-friendly, supporting the functionality of pushing the content out of the tube. All contents of the shaving set are on display and easily accessible for use in the holder. The outer box made of microflute corrugated board is very traditional but serves as a compact way to pack the whole set for a trip. The concept is ready for production and could be used for many other cosmetics and beauty care products too. Material choices are well-conceived and offer possibilities to use renewable board materials in new applications."

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