Designed by Brandbox Creative, Uzbekistan.
Creative director: Kiro Altman
3D- visualization: Dima Lee
Designers: Temur Sagdiev, Ida Safina
Copywriter: Kiro Altman
Project manager: Irene Khoroshilova

Agency worked on branding, packaging and label design of the Bookcafe Blend Ground Coffee for a local coffee brand, launched by Bookcafe Company.

Bookcafe is the place where one can not only enjoy the best coffee blends, but also spend time by reading a book from a large collection on various topics. The place is the first of its kind in Uzbekistan and can be regarded as the phenomenon in a sense.

Packaging aimed at emphasizing the premium nature and (Bookcafe Blend) coffee mixture quality. Coffee is available in 2 roasting types (dark and medium), that are distinguished by color of two different packages; the light package made out of soft food plastic with a coffee bean shape, along with a label design create an image of being exquisite and a unique distinction within the coffee brand cluster. The product will be produced in a limited edition.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery