Designed by P&w Design Consultants
Creative Director: Adrian Whitefoord
Region: West Coast, United States.


International Design Consultancy P&W has redesigned a range of popcorn for Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. The range includes flavors such as Olive Oil & Herb, Movie Theater Butter & Kettle Corn Sweet & Salty.

The range was designed to be fun and vibrant and full of personality. Each design uses bright colors to stand out on shelf, while showcasing a uniquely designed holding device based on the inspiration of each individual flavor. The Movie Theater butter popcorn a movie time staple, was inspired by classic theater signage, bright flashing lights and the red carpet, the Kettle Corn being a sweet flavor was inspired by the cool breezy beachside, boardwalk carnivals, and Ferris wheel rides, the Olive Oil and Herb is a unique blend inspired by organic shaped leaves, fresh green herbs, and outdoor summer picnics.

A gold foil effect was used to embellish the bags, adding glamour and indulgence to each pack. The gold was achieved by using the foil substrate/bag material and overprinting yellow.

“We love the shelf appeal and standout that the range has achieved. Using a mix of creativity and technical expertise, we were able to bring the packs to life and didn’t they even require a single metallic ink!”

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery