Designed by B&B studio, United Kingdom.

From its base in rural Cornwall, Naturepaint makes the UK’s only paint certified with zero VOCs – volatile compounds that contribute to pollution and are hazardous to health. Made only from natural ingredients, including local clays and pigments, Naturepaint is so safe it’s the only paint that can be sold via post, and is completely biodegradable.

Keen to help more people paint healthily, Naturepaint tasked us with creating a new identity for the brand that would retain its natural and ethical stance but also communicate a colour range and quality of coverage that are a match for the leading brands. Our black and white identity is designed to disrupt the category with a pure, simple aesthetic that lets each colour chip shine from the pack. Its clarity of execution speaks of performance, while the brand mark communicates naturalness, cleverly combining a flower and a droplet – a hint that the product is mixed with water.

As both the identity and product are challenging to the category, we normalised the brand by introducing a classic paint tin shape, but crafting it from recyclable card. Unlike normal paint tins, which are difficult to dispose of, these cylinders can be safely composted. We also created names for each colour, inspired by Cornwall’s flora and fauna, and collected in a simple colour card.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery