Designer: Nóra Mészáros
Language assistance: Nguyen Thi Thu Trang
School: KREA Contemporary Art School
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Faculty: Graphic design
Course: Package design and POS campaign
Tutors: András Gosztom, Darázs Bódog
Packaging contents: Shrimp chips, Soup base, Rice casserole, Rice doughnuts, Coffee

NAM VI is a fictional premium brand providing Vietnamese food made of carefully selected and high-quality ingredients, targeting a new young market in Central Europe.

Traditional Vietnamese cuisine is based on the harmony of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Vietnam is also a country of exotic natural beauty, and a home of a unique culture resembling a kind, joyful and sensitive attitude towards the land and life.

NAM VI's visual identity aims to emphasize this atmospheric attitude by using lively contemporary fonts, and by introducing five key characters inspired not only by the five elements but also Vietnamese mythology, folklore, Zodiac, and the local fauna.

What's unique:

Besides providing high-quality food, the brand and its visual solutions have an educational purpose by sharing interesting cultural, lingual and culinary information about Vietnam in various ways.

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