It’s near the end of August, we love the number 8 so we decided to look back to August 2013 and select 8 of the most creative and beautiful packaging. Enjoy and get inspired!

Proactiv Packaging (Student Project) – Kate Carmack

The minimalist design highlights Proactiv’s very simple 3-step process, and the geometric, interlocking numbers suggest that each step is akin to a puzzle piece; integral to the completion and efficacy of the system.

Görtz Shoelace Birds – gürtlerbachmann GmbH

The colourful Görtz world of birds presents itself in all the Görtz sales areas set up for children’s shoes. Simple shoelaces were transformed into colourful small worms in the beaks of five lovingly designed bird characters, which served as eye-catching packaging.

SchokoPause (Concept) – vivia

One finger is enough… to release the chocolate with a single push on SchokoPause’s Pause button – for the own pleasure or for friends.
SchokoPause is the snack for inbetween you don’t need both of your hands to “skin” the desired chocolate portions out of it’s wrap…

Happy Pink, Cold Cuts (Concept) – B+P Creality

The “Happy Pink“ targets sausage consumers who lay great importance on species-appropriate and sustainable keeping of animals as well as on brand identification and aesthetic packaging design aspects.

The Black Grouse, Alpha Edition – Taxi Studio

As demand for premium whisky continues to grow, owners of the world-renowned whisky, The Famous Grouse, recently approached Taxi Studio to redefine the packaging of The Black Grouse Alpha Edition, which is due to launch in Waitrose in the UK and roll out in international Duty Free outlets in August.

Chao Cocoa – Viewpoint

Chao-Cocoa is a story for adults, which sometime were children, were magicians and robbers, knights and princess. For those, who remember, how fun was to get away from all, enjoy favorite delicacy… and as before like to stay alone with a cup hot cocoa to feel yourself as it is.

Maestro – Viewpoint

What is an Italian pizza? This is a simple, natural ingredients, traditions and recipes handed down from generation to generation. This is a mastery of chef – “Maestro”, known to the whole area! And of course it’s chalk board with the “Today” menu, standing in front of the trattoria and inviting visitors to taste the real fresh pizza.

Natura SOU – Questto|Nó and Tátil Design

The greatest challenge was to develop a new product focused on mass market for the new Brazilian consumers, offering a high-quality product but affordable cost . To achieve that results, low price, highly attractive and environmentally responsible products would be necessary.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery