Creative Agency: Pearlfisher
Creative Director: Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher
Founder and Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Mike Branson, Pearlfisher
Type of project: Commercial work
Location: New York, USA

Pearlfisher New York designs the brand identity and visual language for Legit™ Organics, a new concept in confectionary.

Pearlfisher New York has created the brand strategy, identity, packaging, and visual language for new confectionary brand, Legit Organics.

In a category that has remained stagnant for generations, Legit Organics disrupts the notion that candy is an unhealthy and nostalgic indulgence. Instead, the brand offers consumers products that are credible: cool, tasty and created without artificial ingredients. Pearlfisher’s challenge was to create a visual identity that provided maximum impact for the brand’s launch, clearly distinguishing the products from the age-old behemoths of the candy world. Created for a new generation of youth and health-savvy consumers, Pearlfisher has helped Legit Organics reinvent the confectionary category with a range of products that are socially and environmentally responsible, organic and undeniably cool.

Hamish Campbell, Creative Director of Pearlfisher comments, “The standard in organic confectionary has always been about compromise: worthy not tasty; timid not tempting; cluttered not cool. Our design for Legit Organics negates this compromise by creating a new visual language for organic that is simultaneously enjoyable, accessible and authentic. Inspired by R&B
– which we see as being rich, sensual, bold and charismatic – we drew upon its culture to bring the taste and flavor of Legit Organics to life.”

Mike Branson, Founder and CEO of Pearlfisher says, “Our nostalgic associations with candy have kept us from challenging its credibility for long enough. In the same way, the visual language of organic is ready for a change. Now that organic has infiltrated the market, it’s time to express organic in new ways. We’re excited to watch Legit Organics pave the way for more challengers in the marketplace and help consumers discover just how cool organic chocolate can be.”

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