Creative Agency: ButterflyCannon
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Oriflame Cosmetics
Location: London

ButterflyCannon has designed a new range for Oriflame’s The ONE cosmetics brand. The One Express Collection captures the energetic and creative spirit of a more creative consumer group, attracting consumers who wish to be more expressive with their makeup. The playful and dynamic brush stroke graphic with all its different eye-catching colours aims to inspire our consumers' desire to express their individuality. The range includes an innovation in Mascara with The One Lash Transformer that can come with 3 customisable brushes for a particular look – ‘Doll Eyes’, ‘Drama’ & ‘Statement’.

The brush stroke lettering on each item, a shorthand for its contents, breaks the borders of each pack, contrasts its bright colour against a charcoal black background, capturing its bold and brave attitude. The ONE logo has been turned 90 degrees to rebel against the rest of the range giving it a distinct look and place.

Phillip Christie, Global Senior Brand Manager for Oriflame Cosmetics comments, “It was great working with ButterflyCannon, they really understood the target audience and created a design that encapsulated our intentions for the new sub-brand. Initial feedback on the range has been overwhelmingly positive, and the new products are in high demand.”

Jon Davies, Creative Director of ButterflyCannon adds, “It’s always great fun working on designs that are aimed at a more youthful and creative audience. These consumers are used to a lot of noise in their lives so you have to be big and bold in your execution to grab their attention and their imagination. It’s also great working with a client that has a clear purpose of what they want to achieve from the get go.”

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