Designed by BrandOpus, United Kingdom.

BrandOpus crafts prestigious Signature Blends range for Twinings

BrandOpus has worked with the UK’s leading tea blender, Twinings, to create Signature Blends, a super-premium range of fourteen teas, hand picked by the team of Twinings Master Blenders to be retailed in luxury retail outlets across global markets.

These blends represent the pinnacle of teas and infusions, and in response to the brief BrandOpus has a created a series of presentation cases that reflect the opulence of the range.

Inspired by the surprise and delight that comes with your first sip of these fabulous brews, the agency developed Signature Blends, a range of crafted presentation cases, reminiscent of layered jewellery boxes. Each case within the Signature range features an intricately fashioned illustrative style across pack, symbolising the expertise and craft of the highly trained and hugely experienced Twinings Master Blenders.

The illustration on the front of each pack depicts the inspiration for each individual tea or infusion, while subtle and stylish handling of Twinings brand shifts perceptions of this famous marque into the super-premium space.

David Spencer, Marketing Development Manager at Twinings, said of the project, “The beautiful designs that BrandOpus has created for Signature Blends communicates to the consumer the expertise and experience that Twinings’ Master Blenders put into each blend. This range will reinforce Twinings’ reputation as purveyors of the very best teas and infusions. Sales and consumer praise have exceeded expectations in just a few days following launch.”

Twinings Signatures ranges spans fourteen blends, available in both mesh pyramid and loose leaf format. The range is available for purchase in the Twinings Strand shop, on Twinings online teashop, in travel retail and luxury outlets worldwide from this month.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery