Written by Mark Chapman, the Sales Manager for UK based custom and bespoke packaging specialists, Project Packaging.

Enticing new customers to purchase your delicious food product is easy if they can “try before they buy”. But if consumers cannot taste your food or beverage first, how else can you get customers to try out your product? Your secret weapon is packaging design.

Aside from taste and price, packaging has become an increasingly influential factor in leading consumers to buy products. Think about it: A product’s packaging is the first point of contact your target market has with your product, so it’s got to make an impact.

Apart from looking good, your food packaging must protect, preserve and conveniently transport the contents. Your labelling and packaging must also effectively convey to consumers what they should expect to find inside and how it might benefit them.

Using some of my favourite examples, I have compiled my top seven tips for enticing customers with your food package design in today’s market.
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