Creative Agency: DDC Creative Lab
Igor Mospanov – Executive Director
Dmitry Tikhonov – Project Manager
Max Herman, Sofia Tereshchenko – Designers
Client: Trial
Sergey Kuznetsov – Marketing Director
Eugene Kondrashov – Director of imports
Location: Russia
Type of project: Commercial Work

The task of the Agency was to create a classic cognac design appealing to a wider audience, using recognizable images of St. Petersburg.

DDC team found a way to create classical cognac design and at the same time add a uniqueness due to the effect of depth and three-dimensionality.

There are the gravure image of Neva River with views of the bridges and Peter-Paul Fortress on the front and back of the label. By applying to the different sides of the bottle created a volumetric view.

For a basis of colors the designers choose noble copper shades with gold accents for perfection of the image of true-Russian drink. Design involves decoration bottles by silk screen printing method, and further use of self-adhesive and shrink-on label.

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