Designed by BREAK, Italy.
Designer: Simona Baldo
Client: Mavive

IoEco Monotheme is an innovative line of products for the personal care. It focuses on active ingredients of vegetable origin and on environmentally friendly production processes. It is aimed at people with a sustainable approach to cosmetics.

Creating a name that would be direct and memorable. Creating a Brand that would be surprising and would express the products’ features, allowing the target to identify with its ecological values.

“Io” means “me. Therefore IoEco is a straight forward name that invites the target to identify with the Brand and its ecological values. The Brand image revolves around the products’ unique selling point: it is made with vegetables rather than flowers, as the main competitors’ products. Thus, every ingredients has been given a dominant role with simple graphics, in order to let all their surprising naturalness come through.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery