Designed by Honey Design, Canada.

Spirit Earth Holistics specializes in the ancient art and science of herbal for mind and body. All of the ingredients in their line of body care products are 100% natural, prepared and distributed by this proud Oneida First Nations company. Spirit Earth Holistics grew from a business out of a home kitchen, marketing to health food stores and farmers markets, to three lines of products carried in more than 30 stores across Ontario. HONEY developed the new brand including the logo, tagline and package design to express the all-natural ingredients and the First Nations’ beliefs, but interpreted for a broader audience. The challenge was to honour the previous logo that had many colours, all of which had special significance. We retained the eagle and white pine in the logo because of the importance of meaning, but pared back the visual elements in order to create a unified packaging family solution. This refined design approach was also selected to be cost-effective when extending more products or adding another line.

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