Creative Agency: Shumi Love Design
Type of project: Commercial work
Country: Russia

The essence of the task set by the client can be described by the following terms:
1. The business and financial goal of the producer is to keep the current loyal consumer of “Syabrovka” and maximize profits by attracting new clients.
2. Push the product to a higher pricing segment.
3. Create a design that will correspond to the product’s new positioning.
4. The product’s new positioning: traditional Belorussian vodka, the production of which involves the use of modern equipment and latest technologies.
5. The new design has to maintain continuity with the old one, the product should still be perceived as a traditional Belorussian vodka that the consumers know so well.

SHUMI LOVE DESIGN has decided to perform the complex rebranding in three steps:

Step #1: Competitive environment analysis and trademark development. Based on the product’s new positioning, the agency has identified the main competitors in the target price segment of “Syabrovka” vodka. The agency has analyzed the competition environment, outlining the positive and negative points of each competitor. This has served as the base for the report that presented the main recommendations concerning the rebranding of “Syabrovka”. The agency’s efforts were also aimed towards finding the visual depiction of the brand “Syabrovka” that would reflect the product’s new positioning. This task has involved 4 separate designer and font specialist teams.

Step#2: Development of creative concepts for the packing design of “Syabrovka” vodka.
A little about the approved design and the solutions that served as its basis . The client has approved the concept based on the renowned Belorussian belt and national ornament. There were several reasons for creating namely such a concept. First, such an element was used in the label’s previous iteration. The old designed employed it as a secondary element, a color marker. The element served as a ranging marker with different colors for different products. Second, the Belorussian belt, as an image, has been actively used in the first advertising campaigns of “Syabrovka” vodka. Namely in printed and P.O.S. materials, which also had a quality photo shoot undertaken. Third, this is one of the most recognized Belorussian symbols. We’ve decided to use it in the design and make it one of the most important element, and eye-stopper, which would attract the consumer’s attention.

Step #3: Technological development, pre-press, test printing.
The third step includes all the technical solutions concerning the realization of the design in the printing house. The choice of paper, selection of techniques, post-printing processes, selection of the printing house itself and the first test run. The last stage is very important, since it affects the success of the entire project’s realization. A beautiful design printed as a sketch is not what a client wants. It’s very important that the initial approved design would be fulfilled in the printing house and would fully correspond to the designer’s idea. Due to this, we’ve initially chosen a printing house for a test run. Specialists representing the three parties involved – the agency, the client and the printing house – have spent several lucrative days right at the facility while the run was being done. The result of this work is the label that was approved for further mass printing.

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