Agency: Médiane Création
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hennessy
Location: France
Packaging Contents: Cognac

For it's 250th birthday, Hennessy called upon the New Yorker Ryan McGinness to reinvent the famous Hennessy VS bottle. The fifth is a series of worldwide renowned artists: Kaws, Futura, Os Gemeos and Shepard Fairy.

The limited edition Delux Gift box consists in two offers. One of which is uniquely characterized by a fluorescent label that lights up under the influence of black light.

Médiane's mission consisted in accompanying Hennessy with Ryan McGinness's work on all of the developed products : labels, box sets, key visual, goodies…

The collaboration is a perfect embodiment of Hennessy’s 250 years of dedication to the Art of Blending. McGinness himself acknowledges the strong parallels between his artistic process and the creation of Hennessy Cognacs.

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