Designed by Bold-Inc, Australia.
Designer Pam Partridge & Jarrod Robertson
Illustrator: Jodi Hooker

More from Bold-inc’s complete redesign of Tetley’s Australian portfolio, the Sydney-based design studio challenged the green tea & herbal infusions category and opened up Tetley’s portfolio to a more natural offer.

In the fight for attention on a busy shelf, clean simple labels and pack formats are a breakaway wonder.

Watching how beautifully the leaves, natural fruits, herbs and spices infuse with water was the inspiration behind the emotive graphics on pack. The Bold-inc crew took to creating their own watercolour painting class, experimenting using a fusion of watercolour and inks, saturating the paper to bring the ingredients to life.

The design captures the pure simplicity of the products by combining a natural board finish with the sensory element depicting the teabag infusing from the pyramid window.

“It’s a testament to our designers that we kept every aspect of this job in house and something we are proud of, allowing people the opportunity to showcase their skills and be able to sit round a table together working through each step of the design process”. Jon Clark Creative Director

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery