Creative Agency: Bakerscape
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Baby Supplies
Location: Sweden

Bambino had a drab and non-communicative design for their large assortment of baby supplies. The brand was not drawing attention at the point-of-sale and parents were choosing other brands instead of Bambino. Bakerscape was called upon to create a new package design and brand identity for the entire range to bring the Bambino brand back to glory and to create a unique shelf impact. The concept involved the creation of fruit and vegetable ‘buddies’ who supply cheerfulness but also show the product usage on the packaging. A touch of surprise was baked into many packages by tucking in delighted fruit buddies Bakerscape also worked with new naming of each product to communicate the usage but also to contribute to the happy personality of the brand. A clear system of naming, product usage and symbology was created for the sides and backs of the packages to give a consistency and shelf unity.
The logo was carefully redesigned to retain its full recognisability, an important aspect since the assortment design was going through a major change.

Even product graphics were created to continue the buddy theme, encouraging children to enjoy the mealtime as well as friends and family relations.

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