Designer: Bora YILDIRIM
Location: Ankara/Turkey
Project Type: Concept

This project’s main idea is to reuse the package of the product instead of it being thrown away after consumption. With a smart design, the package can be used as a toy. Collecting the packages for children to play with them will have an important and enhancing role on the consumer preference for the product. One other aim of this project is to encourage children to drink milk. In addition to encouraging children to drink milk to help their physical development, this project aims to improve their creative imagination with the product’s functionality as a toy.

The innovative approach in this project's design using different forms and colors aims to revamp the product package different than the existing and traditional milk package designs. This distinctive approach in the design will ensure the product to be easily distinguished and noticed by the consumers on the shelves among other milk products.

In addition to all the advantages stated, it is possible to organize various activities and contests using the toy functionality of the product package. These activities involving children will help develop and raise awareness of reuse among them starting at small ages, and hence, will also contribute to realizing the company's social responsibilities.

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