Creative Agency: Dossier Creative
Client: Aquilini Brands
Location: Canada
Project Type: Commercial Work

The refreshment beverage category was dominated by a few big, international brands offering products with very similar flavours. Recognizing an opportunity to create some excitement by introducing a unique product with a compelling brand story.

As we refined the brand and product concepts through our iterative process, we were particularly inspired by classic Italian sodas and their sophisticated flavours. Working with our flavour house partner, we developed what we coined as ‘hard soda,’ a lightly effervescent vodka-based beverage with distinctive flavours such as blood orange or pomelo. Devising a story that referenced sociability, drinking and history, using the Prohibition era as the expressive essence. That essence, in turn, became the foundation for our creating the name, design and visual language of the brand, which we applied to a comprehensive launch campaign in print and online.

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