Creative Agency: OhMyBrand
Location: Russia

Coffee packaging and logo for the Skuratov brew-bar

Designing the coffee packaging, as well as making good coffee, is a delicate affair. Especially if we are talking about a brew-bar, a Mecca for connoisseurs of this drink. Here coffee is the main item on the menu, and there are about 15 types of brewing – from Espresso Machine to Chemex and AeroPress. The owners of one of these places – the first brew-bar «Skuratov» in Omsk – asked the Ohmybrand team to find a non-trivial solution for the design of the logo and of the coffee packaging. Now Skuratov is one of the major fashion spots in the city.

The guys from the Skuratov brew-bar are starting a small coffee revolution – they are the first coffee roasters in Omsk who carefully watch over the technology and stop selling the coffee 72 hours after roasting. With such a serious approach to work it was important for the design to be simple and to demonstrate the freshness of the product. That is why Ohmybrand decided to put small batches of fresh roasted coffee in kraft paper, adding a signature and a handwritten date and time – this creates an association with delicate, almost pharmaceutic precision. The Ohmybrand team didn’t settle upon it and offered Skuratov to engage in educational activity and promotion of proper coffee – and they invented the idea of "Every coffee has its own story". That is how a thoughtful story appeared on the package about what sort it is, where it comes from, how it has been roasted, how to make it and what to combine it with.

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