Design: Pretty Lethal Designs
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Nature Blessed
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Packaging Contents: Frozen fruit & vegetables
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Pouch

Nature Blessed is the direct-to-consumer division of Coloma Frozen Foods, a family owned and operated frozen fruit and vegetable company that’s worked with local Michigan farmers for over 60 years.

With a growing retail presence across 15 states around the Midwest, the importance of branding and packaging design became apparent since competitive shelf space means retailers can be picky on what they want seen on their shelves.

Considering they’re one of the only brands willing to use clear bags to show the quality of their produce, Nature Blessed knew that with improved designs, they could show grocers and customers alike that no one knows fruits and vegetables better than the folks who grow them.

This project included a redesign of the Nature Blessed logo and a new design for over 40 SKU's of a variety of fruit and vegetables. The packaging included large 40oz bulk sizes and smaller 1lb pouches. Packaging included a custom 'Michigan Grown' seal and a range of custom icons for preparation instructions. The packaging was designed to be flexible enough to add new product ranges in the future.

The clear window design of the packaging lets the bright colors of the fruit and veg stand out, creating an eye-catching, colorful display in the freezer aisle. The impact of the designs immediately increased sales – and together with a marketing strategy that will focus on recipes and cooking tips, reaching your five-a-day got a little more appealing.

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